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A solid website design is core to any modern marketing strategy. Whether you’re a new business trying to build awareness or a known brand with a lot of reach, people are looking to the web to answer questions or find out who you are.

When this part of your marketing is well dialed-in, it’s a digital salesperson that works 24/7.

But if your website is sending the wrong message, it’s working against everything else you’re doing.

WEBSITE DESIGN CAN BE A STRUGGLE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES. With expensive price points and hard-to-reach designers, the whole process can be a headache for a small business with little time to spare. That’s why we believe in offering affordable, quick, and reliable website design services.

You won’t be paying for more website than you need, but you’ll also have the benefit of the latest tools to ensure your site loads well on mobile devices and simplifies the process from prospects finding you online to calling you.

There are certain universal truths about what goes into a great web design. But beyond those, web design as a service is about more than design.

Whether your message is on-point is often overlooked. If that piece is missing, visitor count becomes irrelevant because the website is failing at its job. Website messaging is one of those terms that people throw around a lot because it sounds good, but not everyone actually studies it.

The team at Suits and Tech tries to be as forward-thinking as possible with content, from what goes on the website to how a business manages its social channels.

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The Process

Intake Meeting

We start off by meeting with you for about an hour in order to learn more about your company and your goals with the website. This allows us to better know how to structure your website and match it to your company style. We’ll also get the necessary images and content from you before we start building your website.

Website Design

The next step is building out your website. Typically, this process only takes about a week but during this time we request that you’re available to readily answer any questions that we may have.

Daily Maintenance

Your account manager along with our team will monitor activity on your businesses social networks. This includes:

  • Comments (Responding within 24 hours)
  • Reviews (Responding within 24 hours)
  • Studying your business market

Monthly Reports & Meetings

Each month your account manager will meet with you and deliver detailed reports for the previous month. During this meeting they will discuss successes and how improvements can be made to reach more people.

What experts are saying

Your expertise is your product or service, whether you are a massage therapist, an online retail store, an attorney, a consultant or whatever. You probably don’t have the time to keep up weekly with the ever-changing social media trends and strategies. Therefore, you are probably wasting your time and money “trying” to do it yourself. Joe Soto

Digital Marketing Strategist

When Internet consumers discover a business or retailer they want to use but know little about, they often check their social media page to learn more about it. A website establishes that a brand exists, but a social media page establishes that the brand is active. Peter Roesler


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